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    Building automation is the automatic centralized control of a building's HVAC, electrical, lighting, shading, and other interrelated systems through Building Automation Systems

PFS Automation

EMS/Building Automation and Controls

PFS Automation can provide your facility with unprecedented building automation controls services.​

From Automation System repairs and retrofits to new construction of systems, PFS has expertise in most commercially available automation system.  We are experienced in the following systems and more: Delta Controls, Seimens Automation, Reliable Controls, Schneider/Andover, Johnson Controls, Automated Logic, Tridium, and Computrols.  From a service prospective, we are brand agnostic.  We will come to you and see what we can do for your system, regardless of who made it or installed it.

We now proudly represent the Lynxspring and Strato Automation product lines.  PFS is a factory authorized dealer in DFW and we will gladly discuss your needs and how Lynxspring or Strato Automation can work for your facility.

By having over two decades of experience working with multiple systems, PFS gives the customer options that are solutions to their unique needs.  The customer also has access to their systems rather than being held hostage by "proprietary" service providers.

PFS can provide due diligence and system audits for new acquisitions, third-party review of drawings prior to acceptance of plans, and third-party checkout/as-builts after installation.

Our approach is to determine what the customer needs, with a goal of making what you have work for you if possible, rather than just trying to sell any new system that might not actually be needed.