Probity Facilities Solutions
Probity Facilities Solutions
PFS Automation & Facilities Engineering

A Few Words About Who We Are

Our Beginnings

Probity Facilities Solutions began in 2015 when founder Lee Kotrlik decided he could no longer work for companies that he felt didn't put the customer needs and customer projects first.  

Maximum profit with minimal effort just didn't work for him.

Lee left a high paying job with a well-known EMS company in the DFW area and started PFS with a lone client prospect.  He showed up for work every day at the client building, putting his 20 plus years (at the time) expertise in EMS/Building Automation Controls to work for them.  He did this without a contract, and without pay.  Just the drive to do the right thing and the rest would follow attitude.  After three months, the building management of that property realized Lee and PFS was the real-deal, backing up his customer first philosophy.  They also realized they had better give him a contract before they lost him to another customer. Seven years later, Probity Facilities Solutions has grown a large customer base built on the foundation of doing what is right for the customer.  

Probity Facilities Solutions expanded in 2021 to include Facilities Engineering as part of it's portfolio of services.

Our Leadership

Lee Kotrlik leads Probity Facilities Solutions LLC as Senior Managing Partner and CEO as well as Senior VP of PFS Automation, the EMS/Building Automation Controls division of PFS.  Lee has over 30 years of automation controls experience having installed, programmed, and serviced systems from multiple manufacturers.  Lee is a U.S. Army Veteran having served seven years active duty.

PFS Commercial is led by Anita Kotrlik, CFO of Probity Facilities Solutions LLC and Senior VP of PFS Commercial.  Anita has over 35 years of executive-level accounting leadership and human resource management, as well as commercial property management and property accounting with Crescent Real Estate and Madison Marquette (formerly PM Realty Group). 


Our Focus

The pandemic of 2020 served to remind us of what is important:  Relationships.  Customers need relationships they can rely on.  They need a company that can be there with real solutions for their facilities without trying to gouge them for every penny they can get.  The goal of PFS is to earn an honest wage for an honest job, provide our customers with a facility they are proud to own, provide their tenants with a comfortable and safe working environment.  We work for you, not the other way around.

We rely on our reputation for honesty, integrity, decency, determination and hard work.  In a word, Probity.

Our company motto is "Adding Value by Starting with Better Values."

My guiding light is Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not man."